4th Annual CLC Awards - The Winners

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4th Annual CLC Awards - The Winners

Post by Chesta » 01 Jan 2011, 23:25

Well here we are!!

The Results of the 4th Annual CLC Awards!

Main Categories (Based on Votes)

1) The Peoples Admin (Favourite Admin voted by the people)

And the Winner is..... Passme!!

Other Nominees: Trueno, 135i, Franky500

2) To Protect And Serve (Favourite Officer) - List Here: memberlist.php?mode=group&g=454

And the Winner is.... Smacky!!!

Other Nominees: Passme, Bo7oD, Eagle, Cherryflip, Gooney, Chesta & Carlos

3) Most Improved Player

And the Winner is...Bo7od!!

Other Nominees: Underworld, NckKinney, LedRed, Cherryflip

4) The Epic Fail Award (Most Crashes/Fails)

And the Winner is.... Eagle!!! (go figure)

Other Nominees: DSMDrift, Bo7oD, NckKinney,Chesta

5) Best Tow Truck Award - LIst Here:http://www.citylifecrew.net/forum/membe ... roup&g=464

And the Winner is... Smacky!

Other Nominees: Ledred, Roadi

6) Most Respected Player

And the Winner is.... 135i!!

Other Nominees: PassMe, Trueno, Rikki, DSMDrift, Leapfrog, Roadi, MaxH

7) Most respected Team
And the Winner is....OPC!!

Other Nominee: NOR

8) Favourite Quest

And the Winner is... The Bank Chase!!

9) Favourite CLC Layout/Track

And The Winner is.... Westhill!

10) Favourite Event

And The Winner is.... Enduro/Gumball!

11) Gone but not forgotten (The player who has vanished, but is missed the most.)

And the Winner is... TinyK!!!

Other Nominees: Timbe, Leapfrog, Beefyman, Puglsy

12) n00bc4ke Award (Biggest Noobie of the Year)

And the Winner is... NckKinney!!!

Other Nominees: Chesta, Leander, DSMDrift, CanChron, Smacky, Eagle & The Stig

13) Best Jump/Stunter

And the Winner is.... Smacky!

Other Nominees: Moo Frenchy, Crystal, Crash Test Dummy, Bo7oD & LedRed

14) The Tokyo Drift Award (Best Drifter)

And the Winner is.... DSMDrift!!!

Other Nominees: GMan, Bo7oD, DK, 2-Alex-2

15)Worst parking - The player who cannot park cleanly in the PD

And the Winner is....JAMJAR!!!

Other Nominees: Zaphyr, The Stig, The Entire OPC Team, Bo7oD, NckKinney, PassMe (LOL)

16) Favourite Bind/Saying

And the Winner is.... "Save a Cow....." by Passme

Other Nominees:
Epic Fail in Progress!
"want a peice of [OPC] Fail Cake?"
"If at first you dont succeed, Live long AND SUCK IT" -2
"Proud to be a Fail"
"Thats a Fail"
''If at first you don't succeed, become a budige then you will''
"There goes my no claims bonus"

17) The Good Samaritan Award (Most Helpful)

And the Winner is....Smacky!

Other Nominees: 135i, Zaphyr, Passme, Roadi, NckKinney, Mats NOR, Franky500

18) Server Lurker (Person who never seems to leave/Most AFK Time)

And the Winner is.... PassMe!!

Other Nominees: Gingernut & DSMDrift

Stat Based Awards (These awards will be based on stats collected by the CLIS system from March 2010 - Dec 31 2010 **not voted on**)

1) Most Cash Earned - PassMe with 1237698 euros.

2) Ultimate Gambler (most lotto tickets purchased) - CanChron with 313 tickets

3) CLC's Most Wanted (most police chases) - Smacky with 68 Chases

4) Long Hauler (most km's driven)- Smacky with 16953.7kms

5) Lucky 7's (most jackpot wins) - AnyBodyKilla with 8!!!

6) Bank Robber Extrordinaire (most bank robbery escapes) - Beefyman666 with 2 escapes!

7) Coin Collector (most coins collected) - GodFather NL, with 190coins!


1) Best Laugh

And the Winner is....Passme!

Other Nominees: 135i, MattsterGT, Eagle, Franky500

2) Most Annoying Voice

And the Winner is.... Ryan.Hynes!

Other Nominees: CanChron, HarryH, The Stig, Harley

3) Funniest Voice

And the Winner is.... NckKinney!!

Other Nominees: Franky500, Bo7od, JamJar, Bleach, CanChron & Rikki

4) Best Accent

And the Winner is.... Trueno!

Other Nominees: Chesta, Cherryflip, Passme, DSMDrift, 135i & JasonJ

5) "I thought i had my mic muted" award

And the Winner is....Eagle!! (not sure why, i want to hear the story!!)

Other Nominees: Passme, NckKinney, Underworld

6) Favourite saying / greeting

And the Winner is.... All of them.. lol

"can u drop us off tens mate"
"your banned"
"Belch" - Franky500

Welp, thats it for this year! See You all Again in 2011!!!
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Re: 4th Annual CLC Awards - The Winners

Post by mjh93sa » 02 Jan 2011, 00:05

Congratulations to all the winners, and commiserations to those who lost out.

As ever a big thankyou is due to Chesta for sorting this all out and saving us Admins the trouble. :D
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Re: 4th Annual CLC Awards - The Winners

Post by Eaglezor » 02 Jan 2011, 00:09

Matt, gunna have to edit that skin again xD

and Chesta, you dont wanna know!
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Re: 4th Annual CLC Awards - The Winners

Post by Bo7od- » 03 Jan 2011, 18:14

Congratulations for the winners, i am glad i won something at least :afro:
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Re: 4th Annual CLC Awards - The Winners

Post by (The Stig) » 24 Jan 2011, 06:26

Well didn't expect to be nominated for the Most Annoying Voice i'll proberly be voted for next year -.- and proberly win.
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Re: 4th Annual CLC Awards - The Winners

Post by PeteUK » 02 Feb 2011, 15:08

ill have you know my parking is the worst, its just absolutely Terrible :D

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