avoided collision points?

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avoided collision points?

Post by THE WIZARD DK » 19 Jan 2017, 02:12

could it be possible to have a close encounter tracker that perhaps could give out one point or so?
my thought is not thought through yet. so i dont really know how i should explain what i mean. but im thinking maybe if 2 cars go passed by eachother really close but does not hit the other, it could trigger a point for avoided collision maybe? this should be in dangerous areas i think. kinda like when you get fined for wrong way driving only this could be form both sides and as said gives a point for avoiding instead of getting fined for ww ? just a suggestion so i dont expect it to be anything. but i think it also would give some rest to new comers asking all sorts of things. this way they could see they improving slightly also. i think it would give some benefits anyway. well now i wrote it. rest is up to you CLC :lfs:

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