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Idea of "insurance" for server

Posted: 05 Jul 2009, 19:07
by dsm_drift
Yeah, this idea came up to me so I'm gonna explain it to you.

I thought about these collisions that sometimes happens on tracks ... sorry, on the road :lol: Well, sometimes player X asks to player Y to pay for his/her pitstop ... I mean reparations ...

Yep, so could it be possible to put a system of insurance like !insurance XX (where X stands for a certain time - in minutes, with maybe 60 max, for a price of 1500 for example)
So then when you are assured, if you (player X) cause an accident (unvoluntarly, of course) to player Y, this one will receive a certain amount to pay his/her reparations.

Now, is it a project to discuss or on the contrary to quickly forget ?

Thx for reading
Best regards from France :thumbup:

Re: Idea of "insurance" for server

Posted: 05 Jul 2009, 20:11
by mjh93sa
It is a good idea, but one that is very difficult to make work with no possibility of people abusing it.

Unless you can detect the collision between the cars it is difficult to then set the conditions where the insurance can pay out. People could just buy the insurance and then start giving money to themsleves (2nd account) or friends, or just claim it randomly.

Perhaps one way that the current systems could be modified is that the wrong way trap could give a small percentage (say 10%) of the wrong way fine to the person that they were heading for. In this way there is no cheating as the wrong way is instigated by the person who pays, and there is till a net loss of CLC cash.

Re: Idea of "insurance" for server

Posted: 06 Jul 2009, 08:59
by dsm_drift
Yep, I'm okay with the idea of discussing this. Of course I give an idea, but I don't want it to be subject to cheating.

Your idea is great !! But maybe with a 50% of the wrong way fine, because when you get fined, it's often between 150 and 250€. And when you get crashed and that you have to repair, the prices are from 60 to 100€. So 50% are (for me) great.

But I'm okay with what you told me before, I agree, and I have to say I didn't thought about it ;)

Re: Idea of "insurance" for server

Posted: 12 Jul 2009, 21:00
by Frenchy0204
Does this mean cops could do a check on drivers to see if there insured, then we get pulled over for NOT having insurance?

Heh, i personally think that would be awesome! :D

Re: Idea of "insurance" for server

Posted: 13 Jul 2009, 10:31
by Eaglezor
i would have to agree, that would make it soo real, maybe and/or tax if you are a regular user of the server?

Re: Idea of "insurance" for server

Posted: 13 Jul 2009, 15:17
by Timbe_
what if 1-20% of your income goes into your insurance fund where u can pay your crashes. what is the point of it? why you just cant pay it from your own cash? unless it pays the car repairs of the user you have crashed into and use your insuance into that automaticly.

Re: Idea of "insurance" for server

Posted: 16 Jul 2009, 22:49
by dsm_drift
You all have some great idaes, I'd love to see it to happen into the game :D