[CLC] PassMe, [OPC] Leander and Arion take to the skies!

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[CLC] PassMe, [OPC] Leander and Arion take to the skies!

Post by rikkiwhitehead » 18 Feb 2014, 00:02

On one quiet evening, these set of dare devil stunt drivers decided to take to the Skies. The media helicopter of [CLC] Rikki was on hand to witness the event. It has come to me from various sources that this has lead to many rookies taking to the challenge themselves. This is not advisable and should only be performed by professional drivers. So god knows how these three pulled it off! I decided against doing a full write up as the pictures are worth more than a few thousand words! I, at the [CLC] press office would love to see screenshots of people doing the same thing. However, these particular shots have been chooses to feature in the latest publishing of Caribbean Monthly News Letter. Therefore I have some professional graphical editors working on some special screenshots for us all to treasure. In the mean time i will add the ones i have to this post promtly :)

Rikki Out!

http://s154.photobucket.com/user/rikkiw ... LC%20Skies

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