Rules that has to be followed, as cadet, as cop and as civilians.

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  1. All vehicles, whether police vehicles or civilian vehicles, must obey all road safety regulations at all times.
  2. All vehicles must signal the intention of changing direction of travel using the turn signals, left or right.
  3. All vehicles are to use the hazard lights in case of an emergency
  4. A vehicle which is changing direction of travel, whether it be changing lanes or changing direction, must give way to incoming traffic, failure to do so will result in a fine, causing an accident while not giving priority to normal traffic will result in fine.
  5. Speed limits for the roads of city life:
    - Red pole : 50 km/h - 31 mph;
    - Green pole : 90 km/h - 55 mph;
    - White pole : 130 km/h - 80 mph;
    - Pits area : 80 km/h - 49 mph;
    - Failure to comply with the speed limits established, will result with a fine based on the hazard created by the speeder.
  6. All vehicles must drive on the right hand side of the road failure to do can will result in a fine. Causing an accident while driving on the wrong side of the road can result in a fine.
  7. Interfering with a police chase is punishable by kick and/or fine.
  8. Causing an accident may result in a fine from the police.
  9. Slow down as you approach a roundabout. You must give way to traffic already on the roundabout if there is a risk of collision. Enter the roundabout when there is a safe gap in the traffic. Failure to do so will result in a fine.
  10. All vehicles are to pull over if a Police car requests that of them, failure to do so will result in a fine based on the condition level reached. (This can also depend on property damage caused during a pursuit, and is at the officers' discretion within the fine guidlines)
  11. All vehicles are to make way for an emergency vehicle, if they see or hear the lights and sirens. This will be done by pulling over or eventually stopping on the right hand side of the road until the emergency vehicle has passed by, then you may resume normal travel.
  12. Street racing is not allowed; it is illegal and will be fined appropriately based on the laws broken.
  13. Drifting is allowed only on special occasions, any other time it is illegal and will be fined accordingly.
  14. Wear your seat belt at all times.
  15. On the oval, slower cars do not have to move out of the way. As explained in this topic: http://www.citylifecrew.net/forum/viewt ... 185#p37185
  16. On the oval, drifting is not allowed.

We reserve the right to add, change or remove rules without warning or publication via this website.

Do not argue with admins/police in the server about rules or decisions. If you feel some judgement is unfair, feel free to talk about it in our forums (supporting replays/screenshots will be useful)
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