Rules that has to be followed, as cadet, as cop and as civilians.

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  1. The Cadet position is only a temporary position and can only be used when an officer asks the person to be a cadet. Once the officer leaves the server the cadet must also resign to be a civilian again. Remember, ONLY when an officer/admin is present and asks to hire cadets can someone be a cadet. Players cannot automatically be a cadet based on previous 'cadet jobs' they've been assigned in the past.
  2. Cadets are to follow the rules that officers follow, and learn to properly pull suspects over and give fines for traffic violations.
  3. They also are primarily hired by Officers present on the server to help aid in catching robbers so the officer can come and arrest the suspect.
  4. Cadets are paid usually with comission for doing a good job in helping pursue a robber or speeder... etc. Usually if they officer has earned enough cash, the officer will give a portion of the earnings to the cadet as an 'hourly wage' and/or earnt comission.
  5. The cadets, with any official CLC Officer's permission can operate on duty such as issuing fines, give traffic tickets or initiating pursuits. The Officer DOES NOT HAVE TO BE on duty to allow his cadets to operate. Admins may also give permission for cadets to work in some circumstances under their supervision.
  6. Typically the cadet's name stays in yellow because they are only on traffic duty and help with guarding or pursuits. Having Red for only the Officer's makes it easier to distinguish Officers from Cadets.
  7. The whole idea behind being a cadet is to help a limited amount of officers cover and control the bank robberies.
  8. The Cadets must wear the Cadet skin on all Tracks.
*Thanks to Tweaker for writing this list out.

We reserve the right to add, change or remove rules without warning or publication via this website.

Do not argue with admins/police in the server about rules or decisions. If you feel some judgement is unfair, feel free to talk about it in our forums (supporting replays/screenshots will be useful)

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