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Leaving the ticket
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Remember me?

Post by Frenchy0204 »

Hello All!

I’m not sure if most of the OG CLC crew are still here, but just thought I would say hi!

I used to be really into LFS and CLC. I have fond memories of being 14 and 15 years old, cruising around Fern Bay in the CLiS 1 days, with TinyK, JasonJ, Conrad aka PassMe, Franky500, Wentz, and all the OPC gang plus many more! Are any of them still playing? I think I spent the best part of 4 or 5 years consecutively on CLC, spending most my evenings on the TeamSpeak servers causing chaos. I even used to host a “radio show” channel that drivers would join, and I would take requests in-game :headbang: :mrgreen:

Unfortunately, real life eventually took over. I moved away from the UK, got into a career and now have myself a little family which I love dearly. I have recently took on a new direction in life, meaning I have some more free time to do with as I please and now that I have moved into a place that has more space, I am turning one of the rooms into an office/games room....but if the missus asks, it’s just an office :innocent: After selling all my computers and setup when I moved here, I am now getting back into it again as there are some PC only games that I have been wanting to try, LFS being one of them that I cannot wait to get back into!

I have a wheel setup purchased and most of the peripherals. I am now waiting on the desktop to be finished and then choose a monitor and audio setup. I truly cannot wait to get back into it and hopefully you shall start seeing me as a regular occurrence on the servers again!

Take care guys,


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Re: Remember me?

Post by rikkiwhitehead »

Still about!

See you soon!

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