Rules that has to be followed, as cadet, as cop and as civilians.

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Want to Join the CLC Police Force? Then become a Cadet.

What is a Cadet?

The CLC Police force is always on the lookout for new recruits to help in the fight against crime. In order to train and evaluate potential recruits the CLC Police force operates a Cadet training program.

Police Cadets are supervised by experienced CLC Police Officers / Admins at all times and are trained in all aspects of CLC Police operations. Whilst on active duty a Cadet assumes almost all of the same roles as a CLC Police Officer.

Police Cadets are employed on a temporary basis. They are only allowed to remain a Police Cadet whilst they are supervised by a CLC Police Officer. Police Officers present on the server can be identified by using the !groups command to list all of the players that belong to groups (such as Admin, Police, Towtruck).

Police Officers and Cadets do not receive pay for their work, or get the fines that they set.

Before becoming a Cadet

Before you become a Police Cadet you must read all of the CLC rules as you will be responsible for making sure that many of these rules are followed.

In order to make sure that you have been on the server for long enough to see the Police force in action you must have a total CLC distance of more than 2000km and €100000 wealth before you are allowed to Cadet.

As you will be driving a Police Car you must also download CLC Police Cadet Skins for the track currently in use so that others can see that you are a part of the Police force.

/siren slow, /siren fast, /siren off are reserved for police siren on the CLC server.

You must also use button 9 and 0 to turn your indicators on and off to show people you are in a chase.

It is also highly recommended that you download the track textures available for the CLC tracks so that you can see exactly where the centre of the road is.

Some CLC officers may require that you enter Teamspeak to be able to cadet, especially if you are a new to cadetting, to be able to guide you in a more practical way. Also it's good if you want to interact with the officers who can answer any question that you may have, but even if you don't have a microphone it may be required for you to be able to listen to your officer.

You may also wish to enable automatic replay saving within LFS so that you can review your performance after your Cadet session and also so that you have replay evidence to support your actions if you are reported for any reason.

Lists of rules and all required downloads can be found on the CLC website http://www.citylifecrew.net

How do I become a Cadet?

Selection of Cadets is at the sole discretion of CLC Police Officers / Admins. Any civilian may ask to be considered for a Cadet position, or a Police Officer / Admin may offer a Cadet position to any civilian. Police Officers / Admins may not take more than two Cadets at any time, so places are limited.

Only if both the Police Officer and civilian agree can a civilian become a Police Cadet. Do not make repeated requests to become a Cadet if you are turned down as begging will make it less likely that you will allowed to be a Cadet. Police Officers are allowed to use any criteria that they like to select or refuse Cadets.

If you do not wish to be a Police Cadet when you have been asked by a Police Officer you do not have to be one.

If you are accepted as a Cadet you must follow all instructions from your supervising Officer. If your Officer goes AFK or you lose the ability to communicate with them you must stop Cadetting and return to being a civilian.

What do Police Officers look for in a Cadet?

Before you are allowed to become a Police Cadet a Police Officer will normally watch your driving and how you interact with the CLC community.

Police Cadets have are put in a position of responsibility, so only civilians who are obeying the server rules will be considered for selection as a Cadet. If you are banned from the server at any time you chances of being allowed to Cadet are dramatically reduced.

What do I do when I become a Police Cadet?

When you have been selected as a Police Cadet you should immediately proceed to the pits and change both your in game name and your car's skin. Only change name inside the pit lane area or in spectate.

All Police Cadets must use the same type of name:
cadet.jpg (6.19 KiB) Viewed 17114 times


Whenever you are a Police Cadet you must drive a fully liveried Police Car, using the Official CLC Police Cadet Skins.

Cars to drive

First choice of car that you will use is made by the senior Police Officer on duty, or else the Police Officer / Admin who has granted you Cadet status. You may ask to use a particular car if you wish, but that request might not be granted.

Cadet Duties

A Cadet is expected to patrol the roads of the CLC server and to stop and fine people who are breaking the law. In order to do this a Cadet may set speed traps, initiate chases and fine suspects who they have busted.

Cadets are also expected to participate in chases following a Bank robbery. However, they are not permitted to ”bust” a bank robber and may only assist a Police Officer in bank chases. The bank is covered in greater detail in a following section.

Cadet Commands

A number of commands are provided for the exclusive use of the Police force, these deal with speed and direction traps and pursuits, and are summarised below.

!stop = Start pursuit and raise to a higher pursuit condition.
!cancel = Disengage current pursuit.
!hp = help police, display help text for Police force.
!trap = Sets a speedtrap at that location.
!move = Announce your intention to speed towards a pursuit / command civillians to move out of the way during a pursuit.
!backup = request backup / repspond to a backup request.

It is highly recommended that you setup keybinds within LFS for the !stop and !cancel commands as you will use these most frequently.


The !trap function allows you to set a speedtrap so that you can catch speeding civilians. To set a speedtrap use the !trap command to set the trap, it will be automatically set to the appropriate speed for the limit on that section of road.

When setting a speedtrap the radius of operation is set by your speed. If you are moving then the radius will be 100m. If you are not moving it will be 20m. This allows you to use the function to simulate an on-board speed measuring device.

If you want to remove a speedtrap, repeat the command that you used to set the speedtrap and it will be removed. Speedtraps are also automatically removed as soon as you drive on.

The CLC Police force uses the 10% tolerance rule when determining if someone is speeding. The following table summarises the speedlimit and the trap setting that will be used.

The current speed limits can be found here. Please read it, its important information to a future cadet.


Pursuits are started using the !stop command which places the closest vehicle in a Condition1 pursuit and a on on screen text message will be display to show this. If the wrong vehicle is engaged, due to proximity of other traffic then the !cancel command is used to disengage that person so that you can then attempt to engage the correct person.

Note that you are NOT allowed to use the !stop command to see if someone is speeding. You may only use the speedtraps, or your own speed to see if they are speeding.

If the suspect fails to stop and the pursuit continues then the !stop command is used again, each use raising the condition of the pursuit until Condition4 is reached. Pursuit conditions are covered in more detail in a later section.

If the suspect is escaping then you will see a text message in game saying <LOCATE>. This shows that the suspect is getting away from you. Eventually the suspect may reach a large enough distance from you to be considered to have escaped. An <ESCAPED> message will display in game and the pursuit is automatically terminated. You must immediately return to normal cruising and cannot re-engage this civilian if you then catch up to them for at least 30 seconds.

If the suspect stops, or you manage to bring them to a halt they will be busted. To bust a suspect they must be moving at less than 10kph and you must be immediately alongside them for about 2 seconds. A <BUSTED> message will be seen and they MUST stop immediately and switch off their engine. If they are in a bad position you can ask them to move to a better parking position before dealing with them. If they fail to stop when busted you should report them to your supervising Officer / Admin.

If during a pursuit you car is damaged so badly that you cannot drive and you are forced to use the !Pitlane command, the pursuit will be automatically stopped when you car is recovered to the pits. Similarly, if you go out of bounds then your pursuit is ended automatically. In either case you must not immediately engage the same person when rejoining the track.

When you are in a pursuit you are likely to need to use the wrong side of the road and to ignore the normal rules of the road. You should pay attention to the map and always try and avoid hitting any civilians. If you cause damage to a civilian whilst in a pursuit you are responsible for refunding them the cost of the repairs / !pitlane / disconnect that they are charged as a result.

Pursuit Conditions

Details of the pursuit conditions can be found here (scroll down a bit). Please read them, its vital information for a future cadet!

Police Co-ordintation

The !move and !backup commands allow the co-ordination of pursuits between Police Officers by providing a quick and easy method of communication between Police Officers and Cadets. The commands have different uses depending on whether the Police Officer or Cadet using them is currently engaged in a chase or not.

If you are in a chase and the suspect is escaping you can use the !backup command to request backup from the other Police Officers and Cadets who are not engaged in a pursuit. You can use the !backup command at any time if you think that you will require assistance in apprehending the suspect that you are chasing.

If you see a backup request you can use the !backup command to respond and confirm that you are providing backup.

When you are providing backup to another chase you can use the !move command to confirm that you are “moving in” to provide assistance. This will also provide you with a short period of immunity from the negative earning whilst speeding check.

Whilst you are engaged in a pursuit and other traffic is in the way, you can use the !move command to provide a “move over” command to all civillians within a small radius of your car and also to command the suspect to “pull over”.

Fines when Busted

When a suspect has been busted you must use the in game chat to talk to the suspect and to give them appropriate advice and fines. You must be courteous at all times, and should remember that this might be the first time that they have been busted so they might need help understanding the commands.

When using the chat always use the name list to select the suspect so that they can see that it is them that you are talking to.

Fines are set according to the Condition system used for the pusuit. At the time of writing the fines are as detailed in the table below. The list of fines can be checked in game using the !f command or can be checked here (scroll down a bit).

When a suspect is busted you will see a message in the chat that they have been busted, and also a single digit confirmation of the condition that the pursuit had reached.

After greeting the suspect and telling then exactly what they have done wrong you must then set the fine that they receive according to the condition reached. The command to set the fine is !fine <xx> <S2username> where <xx> is the amount of the fine (eg: “!fine 1000 suspect”).

The fine system will automatically trigger the payment options for the suspect, and also provide a message that the suspect can drive on. You need not do anything further and can return to patrolling.

Bank Robbery

When the bank is robbed all pursuits must be immediately terminated and all Police Officers and Cadets are required to chase the robber.

The bank robbery system is a sophisticated automatic system that set a number of limitations that you need to be aware of.

All cars within CLC are given a class designator (eg: UF1, XFG, XRG are one class and GTRs are another). In order to rob the bank the bank robber must be using a car that is in the same class or lower as the highest class of Police car on duty.

In order to evade the Police and escape with the money robbed a timer system is used. This is based on the differential between the class of cars used by the robber and the Police, so that a robber in an UF1 will receive a shorter time that one in a GTR when members of the Police are on duty in GTRs.

When the bank is robbed all members of the Police force are notified through the in game chat and though a message on screen. You must immediately disengage from any pursuit that you are in and go after the bank robber. You do not have to engage the bank robber and as a Cadet you cannot bust him.

All bank robbery chases start at Condition3 and are automatically increased to Condition4 after one minute.

As a Cadet you are expected to assist the Police Officers in the chase without getting in the way and causing them damage or preventing them from busting the robber.

If during the bank robbery pursuit your car is damaged too severely to continue then you may use the !pitlane command and rejoin the pursuit after you car has been recovered. Bank robberies are the only time that this is allowed.

Cadet Privileges

As a Police Cadet you receive immunity from the following fines and charges:
  • Pitlane speeding.
  • Wrong way fines.
  • Pit charge when in pit box / Police Station.
  • !Pitlane fee.
As a cadet you may also remove a drive through penalty or stop/go penalty by typing “:” into the in game chat.

This does not mean that you have the right to drive on the wrong side and speed whenever you want. You should be setting an example at all times.

Final Advice

Police Cadetting is all about having fun, for both you and the suspects that you engage.

Consider how you would like to be chased before you start out. Get yourself into as many Police chases as you can before cadetting to see how the pursuit system and the Police Officers work.

Pay particular attention to CLC Police Officers and how they conduct pursuits. You may find it useful to spectate them during a few chases to see how they work.

Note: Thanks a lot to mjh93sa for this guide!
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