InSim Colour Blind Option

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InSim Colour Blind Option

Post by Bravo »

Suggestion : InSim HUD , Colour Blind Option
Why would it be useful ? : To make for e.g. InSim Restrictions for Cars HUD easier to see between green and yellow. maybe for colour blinds the blue and red. so Blue = Fully unrestricted, Black = Half Restricted , Red = fully restricted or something. Not exactly like that but also for the coin hunting and gold hunting because it would be very useful for most drivers who have difficulty with seeing the insims features. I personally experience some difficulty's and it would be good to have maybe !hudcolour , to make it easier for everyone.
Why you should consider it : Because the cruisers of CLC would be happier and finding cruising and quests and insim features easier!

Thanks for the consideration ,
[CLC] Bravo
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