Some suggestions with Oculus Rift in mind

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Some suggestions with Oculus Rift in mind

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I've converted to using the Oculus Rift on LFS full time (I just can't go back to the screen now!), unfortunately there are issues with VR dropping below the targeted FPS mark (75fps in the case of the Rift DK2) giving extreme stuttering which in turn causes motion sickness. Even dropping a single frame to 74fps causes this stuttering.

Here's a few CLC related suggestions which may improve things for the incoming wave of VR due by the end of this year (LFS is currently the highest rated racing sim on Oculus Share - so expect a large influx of people once consumer VR is launched).

I don't expect to see any of the following to be changed (after all I'm only one person!), but it might be something to keep in mind when building future layouts and when (not if) VR takes off in the consumer world.
  • Text Colour - the red and pink text is very hard to see on the DK2 (anything on the red spectrum is), light blues and greens are a lot more readable. Is it possible to create options for text colour in CLIS?
  • Objects - Having lots of objects condensed into one area is a huge FPS kill in LFS. It was something I hoped Scawen and co could optimise with the VR integration, but it seems they haven't and objects do cause an FPS drop. The multi story car park that you guys have created on the current Westhill layout is a good example, my FPS is around 40-60 depending on how many cars are there. Changing every graphic option to its minimum setting doesn't help, as it seems objects only have one detail level. I think this is caused by a mixture of cars and objects together, however I have raced on a full server recently (30 cars on the grid) with no FPS problems
And finally, because the Rift DK2 is only a 1080p screen (remember it's magnified), I can't make out cars coming towards me until it's too late. View distance for scenery and big objects is fine, but cars I can't see until they're less than 200-250m away. So if I end up in a head on collision with you (it's happened a few times already), you know why!

Despite the current issues with VR (all new technology goes through a growing phase, VR's is now)- I very highly recommend it!!
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