Reporting Shelby (Donatas.S) for cheating

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Got wrong number
Got wrong number
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Reporting Shelby (Donatas.S) for cheating

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Your LFS nickname: CozmicDragon™
Your LFS username: CozmicDragon
The reported LFS nickname: Shelby
The reported LFS username: Donatas.S
URL to the replay / screenshots:!OhljFLRa!gw62TtSBcBxm ... CIDTzneGm0
What happened? It all started a short while after he logged in, when he rammed me for no reason without saying sorry. Until then, no problem, But after that, he went to the Police Station (where a lot of AFK people were parked) turned on his crash mod and wallhack and started ramming them to Narnia!
When in the replay it happened? Around 8:34.72 is when he rams me. Just watch him for the rest of the replay.
Why is that wrong? Simple: Using hacks is bad.
Any suggestion of resolution? Banhammer, of course. Cheaters never prosper.
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Re: Reporting Shelby (Donatas.S) for cheating

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Thanks for the report, he's banned 999 for cheating as we don't want hackers on our server.