Crasher/Hacker - Mustafa (ggg575jp)

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Got wrong number
Got wrong number
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Crasher/Hacker - Mustafa (ggg575jp)

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Your LFS nickname: Stephanie
Your LFS username: Stephanie

The reported LFS nickname: mustafa
The reported LFS username: ggg575jp

URL to the replay / screenshots: ...
What happened? Crashing at the PD. Causing people to retire to spectator (including me). Also possibly hacking because he seems to repair himself?
When in the replay it happened? N/A
Why is that wrong? It's against the server rules and just ruins peoples fun, kms and bonuses.
Any suggestion of resolution? I'll let you guys handle it but the rules state that he should be banned.
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Re: Crasher/Hacker - Mustafa (ggg575gp)

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LFSW - no distance found for ggg575gp
I would like to resolve this report but I'm having issues finding this account on LFSW. Are you sure you have provided the correct LFS username? Next time it might be better to upload the .mpr file for your report.

Edit: Typo from OP; Username is (ggg575jp) and he is banned 999 for hacking and PD wrecking.