running red lights suggestion

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running red lights suggestion


Hi. i was thinking its too easy for many to do hotlaps (routes) ,and i see many of the routes goes through intersections with traffic lights, so the thought was to fine heavy on red light runners, to make it more challeging to do hotlaps. also would prevent people from running red lights on bonusses and likewise.
i think thats a idea that also puts the rich in a position where you actually need your money.
people who own all cars really dont have anything to use their money for. this could be a solution to solve that part. or atleast some of it. i think its a good idea that would benefit rather than pulling down on CLC server.

so theres my suggestion.
fines on running red lights :)
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Got wrong number
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Re: running red lights suggestion

Post by Wayne »

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Got wrong number
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Re: running red lights suggestion

Post by shatter »


I like the overall idea, it adds more depth to the server.

However, i feel like this kind of feature should only apply to the richer part of CLC community.
If a brand new cruiser enters the server, this would only tackle the players progress. They could feel like the server is oppressive, so they are more likely to leave.

Still, it would be a great feature to be added, so my suggestion is that the fine amount should scale as the player progresses.

Fines could scale with car class, player's wealth, current cash held and/or some other factor.

The more i think about this idea, the more i love it. It would also promote obeying the law of CLC (and safer driving).

I'm sure most cruisers would love this feature! Thanks to Wizard for coming up with this awesome idea!
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Got wrong number
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Re: running red lights suggestion

Post by cyandic99 »

It looks a good idea from a glance, but thinking about it will be a tiring and nerve racking feature, lets not forget most cruisers doesn't care about the red lights, most of us don't.

Could be applied if after 3 redlight passes while the previous ones could give a warning, also needs to be an acceptable fine, 50€ to 300€ with a time in 1/2 of the fine's numbers without recieving driving income depending on how much money the player's got in-hand not the car type, if it goes, it goes.

All of them has 3 pedals, engine and 4 wheels, going straight to the type of car is a bit stupid in my opinion because some of them could be in-debt in a GTR or FZ5.

And to avoid passing redlights, the same light should be appearing on insim GUI's too but not too big xD just enought to see.
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