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Suggestions for the server

Post by Shivkp01 »

Well I'm back and have been going on the server for a few days before now and I couldn't help noticing how quiet the server is. So i've got a few suggestions that might help aliven the server a abit :thumbup:

1. Add some more features like a car dealership, tyre dealers (you don't actually buy tyres but get jobs or something), maybe different shops that sell different things

2. A beginners guide, maybe by typing !beginner and getting a paragraph on how to start off, where the shop is etc

3. Also, liven the site up a bit? Maybe put maps of where stuff is on the server, like the shops and lotto, which could draw people to the website and maybe attract more players

And finally, everyone who comes and reads this forum, play on CLC as much as you can! More players on the server = More fun for you!

Thanks for reading,
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Re: Suggestions for the server

Post by dsm_drift »

Well we (Cherryflip and I) are coming as often as possible to have some fun :)
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