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harley a
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oval suggestion

Post by harley a »

hey pass. hey everyone.

now seeing as i am a insim admin on wkd here is my suggestion.

we do track rotations every 2 weeks or something like that...

when kiba or beav do put the oval(KY) on it is a big hit, full server everyones on. ofcourse you have the noobs that drive wrong way but we auto kick them. and the way we get people to drive is OUTER RING: fast cars INNER RING: slow cars.....and of course at the start and end of pits we have a toll booth....so anyone that passes them without paying gets auto speced.

i have never seen ky on clc yet....try it and ill see if i can make a post on wkd forums that we have ky in clc.....

server has been empty for 2 long

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