PD Rammer

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PD Rammer

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Hi, i would like to report someone who's been crashing in the pd this morning. :shock:

[*] Your LFS nickname: Bo7oD
[*] Your LFS username: bo7od-
[*] The reported LFS nickname: [Bullz-eye]Hatred
[*] The reported LFS username: Yusrl19
[*] URL to the replay / screenshots: http://www.mediafire.com/?j5kdk7jw8mbgsge
[*] What happened? The user starts cruising normally, then he goes towards the police station and starts ramming there. :worried:
[*] When in the replay it happened? 6:10:07.79 - 6:15:00.00 approximately.
[*] Why is that wrong? because the cruisers aren't supposed to ram in the safe area.
[*] Any suggestion of resolution? I'm no familiar with this, but i think a 15-25 day ban would be nice. :thumbup:

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Re: PD Rammer

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i see the replay
banned 30 days
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