Looking For XFire accounts

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harryhatman Dont Ask.(my bro made it for me)
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Busted robber
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mil3s123 lol sum1 stole miles before i got there :(
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Discovering bank
Discovering bank
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Re: Looking For XFire accounts

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I'm the same as Chris P. I have an account but I have no idea what the user name is. Its been ages since I've used it. I haven't used it since my CoD 2 days. MSN/TS for me :)
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Using !pitlane
Using !pitlane
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Re: Looking For XFire accounts

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I got xfire back up again today:P

i even remembered my old account name from the COD:UO days...
username is.. no surprise... Manijack

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Leaving the ticket
Leaving the ticket
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Re: Looking For XFire accounts

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