Spotted someone cheating? Or maybe you want to thank someone? Is server not working as it should? Perhaps you're banned and want to know why. If something is good or bad, post your good/bad reports and testimonials here.

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** When to do a report. **

Making a report can be done whenever you feel treated unjust, just feel that somebody should not be on a server or think that an admins action was unjustified. It can be by another user or by an admin. If you are reporting an admin we let of course another admin have a look at the report to get a second opinion about the first admin's actions.

** How to do a proper report. **

To do it as simple as possible for the admins to look on a report, please follow this checklist when you do a report. This helps us take care of the reports faster and makes all happier. Feel free to copy the template below and use it to fill in the blank to create a report.

Please note that we only process reports in this forum. Any PM sent to an admin with a report is ignored, unless there are some specific reasons to why not do things in the open.
  • What is your own ingame LFSname (not the same as the nickname)? if you request a refund we need to know that.
  • What is the ingame LFSname of the one you are reporting (not the same as the nickname)? To get someones LFSname ingame or while watching a replay, press N until you see a connection list, then hold CTRL+SHIFT to see their LFSNames.
  • Post a replay of the accident. To save a replay, press '2' after the accident to save it. Important note: If you are somehow kicked from the server before saving a replay is possible, use the LFS replay menu and rename the TMP_MPR file. This saves the last replay, but you must do it before re-entering the server.
  • Tell us how long into the replay it happens. We do not want to look at 30 mins of nothing, this is the most annoying thing.
  • Use FileFront or SendSpace to host your replays, please do NOT use Rapidshare as that could make us wait for a long time before we can download it.
  • In some occations we can accept screenshots instead, but its rare we can make something out of them. Host them at imageshack.us, bayimg.com or pici.se
  • Tell us what happened from your side of view, why you think its wrong and what your suggestion is to solve it. If you keep things objective it makes out work much easier. Please dont say or guess what other people intended, knew or thought, you dont know that.
Note: To report someone is NOT a good way of earning money. We maintain this so users can get back a loss of money due a bad situation on the server or whenever its our fault. Doing ridiculous claims is only a good way of wasting our time. If you want to gain money fast the best solution is actually to drive. If you don't want to drive to gain money... what are you doing in a cruise server? :)

** Template for a report. **

Copy this into a new thread and fill it out to make a new report. Hint: if you also copy the first and last row (the ones with list in them) it gets formatted as a cool list with bullets.

Code: Select all

[*] [b]Your LFS nickname:[/b]
[*] [b]Your LFS username:[/b]
[*] [b]The reported LFS nickname:[/b]
[*] [b]The reported LFS username:[/b]
[*] [b]URL to the replay / screenshots: [/b]
[*] [b]What happened?[/b]
[*] [b]When in the replay it happened?[/b]
[*] [b]Why is that wrong?[/b]
[*] [b]Any suggestion of resolution?[/b]
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