What is CLC

CLC stands for CityLifeCrew but has changed names a couple of times during history. Basically, the ideas of this LiveforSpeed-mod is to replicate the real society carwise. The idea of all of this couldn't be any simpler. Drive like you would in real life. Buy/sell cars, go to carshows, obey the law of the road or get into trouble with the local police force and everything else you could think of which has to do with actual driving.

About this site

In these pages we give the basic information you need to join our server and to enjoy the adventure. If you didnt have enough information then, or even want to take place in our development discussion, you are welcome to join our forum. Before joining the server you should at least read Getting started and visit the download section. Most of the vistors ingame are friendly and helpful if you have any questions.

History of CLC

LiveforSpeed has a good reputation for being a very accurate PC driving simulator and also good reputation for the game developer being close to their fans. There are a lot of racing teams, drifting teams and just teams that has fun. But one evening during july 2006 MaxH was a bit bored and wanted to try a layout made by Sternendaal, however, it was intended for multiplayer. The layout was quite different to others since it tried to replicate a small village, with roundabout, intersections, parking areas, highways etc. Of course you had to have a lot of imagination since all the 'buildings' were only barriers. After some hesitation MaxH opened a temporary server but it was a instant success. The server wasn't even dedicated, but the first night it had to be left on due to the visitors demand. After a week MaxH had a computer in the wardrobe acting as the first server. The first CLC server was online.

People showed more and more interest, also to help and administer the server and to develop the layout. Time passed, we got ourselfes a homepage and a forum. Sometime after the summer 2006 we got somewhat organized and here is the real start for CLC as a team. During autumn we got our first competitors, something we never thought would happen. This really made us fight more for our ideas. Rayfigher got a quite controversy idea, to make a InSim application that would handle a system to buy and sell cars, to get fines from the cops and earn money while driving. While some didnt believe in the idea at all Rayfighter became more or less project leader, got us our best InSim programmer there is, Monk, to lay the base to our future. It took us very long time to complete our first public version and when we officially launched it at 16th of dec 2006, it was recieved with very much joy. Before it crashed after a couple of minutes. After some half hour we got it running again, and people was having fun.

The first couple of months after the launch of CLIS (CityLife InSim) we tweaked and balanced the ingame variables mostly. We got more organized, we got cops organized. The admininstrator of 500server.com discovered us and offered us two free servers as sponsoring and since then we had no struggling with hardware and bandwith, thats for real (sorry MaxH, 10 MBit is much, but not enough). The servers was maxed out with visitors until we got even more competitors that advanced on us using the same idea. 16th of june 2007 we launched our 2.0 version with loads of improvements. Unfortunately, we had a poor summer due to manfall and even if people had interest we didnt have any evolution of CLIS since Monk didnt had time any more. During autumn 2007 JasonJ took the heavy task to learn and try and program updates to it, and since then he has been our hero behind the scenes.