You start off with €4000 and the slowest car, UF1. In order to gain money you just have to drive around. There are more quest to do, but we often get the question what way is the fastest to gain money, and we can assure you that driving is the fastest and safest way to get money. The trick is to combine the driving with more fun quests, like searching for coins, goldbars... or just cruising with your new friends! You dont even have to drive fast to gain a lot of money. Lets show you with a graph.


If account balance reaches -€10.000 you are bankrupt and the following occurs:
  • You get a short server ban (2 days)
  • Your account gets reseted, meaning you loose all your cars and your cash is set to 4000e.
If you for some reason want to start over with a fresh account, all you have to do is !pay 10000 (or more so you get bankrupt at -€10000) and wait two days while account is being reseted. After the ban is over you can start all over.