Getting started

gettingstarted Unfortuntaly we need some server rules to keep it clear what we expect from visitors in our server and for everyone to have a good time. Keep in mind that rules are different from laws. To explain it simple, if you break a law you might get cops after you (so you might want to break a law to get some fun). However, breaking a server rule is something we dont tolerate and might get you warned, kicked or even banned from server if repeated.

Basic server rules

  1. Obey police and admins (admins have [CLC] in their name).
  2. No pitting/spectating your car during pursuit (busted).
  3. No swearing/insulting, no spamming.
  4. No following cops.
  5. Speak english please or at least try.
  6. No wrecking and no revenge wrecking.
  7. No idling in server. (AutoKick after 20min in spec)
  8. Dont impersonate cops by having 'cop' or similiar in name. Only chosen officers can have 'Officer' or 'Cadet' in name
We have much more specific rules that applies to our quests, officers, admins etc, who are described in the forum. Head over and have a look.

Road safety

We are using road rules similar to what you expect on real life European roads.

No current real-life car licence? Not of the driving age yet? No problem! Practice for your driving licence at Caribbean Cruise. We have prepared a simplified version of real life road laws, and we recommend you consult the Road & Safety Rules Area.

Whenever you break the law the police will fine you. To pay off any fines you have type: '!pay 250' to pay off €250 worth of fines. Police officers are trained to determine the severity of the fine, based on the laws broken.

If you feel you have been unfairly fined by an Officer, you MUST STILL PAY THE FINE on the spot, REGARDLESS. After paying the fine you can consult the Road & Safety Rules Area and eventually file the complaint in our forum here. Failure to pay fines promptly may result in warnings, kick or ban. The reason to this is to keep discussion down ingame since the text chat can at times become very floody and the source of misunderstandings is high.

Wanted by the police?

gettingstarted A police officer always have 'Officer' in their name and have a car skin that makes them easily identifyable as police officer. Sometimes we also have trainees, cadets, to help us out. They are voluntary persons that have not recieved the appropiate police training and have therefore their work being watched by an police officer.

If you do get a wanted sign it means that a cop want you to pull over. Its either because you did break some law, like speeding, crossed to wrong lane or just to tell you you have a broken taillight. In either way you do have the choice to not pull over and try and make a run for it. If you get away more than 200 meters from any of the cop that is assigned to your arrest warrant, and stay for more than 200 meters for 10 seconds, you get away and are no longer wanted. While you are trying to get away you may get raised by wanted conditions, and it works in a easy way.

  • Condition 1: Civilian are told verbally to stop. No contact from police. If busted in this condition fines are from 0€ to 200€
  • Condition 2: Suspect are assumed refuse to stop. Make light contact, make civilian spin etc to get his attention that force is possible and make him to pull over. If busted in this condition fines are from 200€ to 500€
  • Condition 3: Suspect is considered a danger (driving fast wrong way, taking great risks etc) Use heavy force, make him crash and go out of control. Suspects car might become undriveable, but suspect has to live. Here other officers/cadets can join and be active part of the chase (meaning, they can join before cond 3 too, but should keep distance). If busted in this condition fines are from 1000€ to 1500€.
  • Condition 4: Suspect is a great danger to its surroundings taking no consideratiion what so ever other drivers. Take him out by any means necesary, even it it means you get yourself and/or him killed in the process. If busted in this condition fines are from 1500€ to 2000€.
The conditions are raised when the suspect are a danger, or repeated danger, to the other drivers and has nothing to to with any time scale. Remember, when system says you are busted then you do not have the option to run any more. Consider yourself arrested with handcufs and guns pointed at you. If you do try and make the run you break server rules and you will be warned, kicked and/or banned.

Also remember, the point of chases is not for you necesary to be busted or get away, but to have a fun time and a great chase, no matter of the outcome.