Basic Commands

While driving is all you really have to do, there are some ingame options and commands that are good to have handy. Here are the commands available to normal users. You dont need to remember everything, but please remember the first one, just in case. All commands starts with an exclamation.

!help / !h Shows this help.
!rules / !r1 | !rules2 / !r2 Shows server rules.
!options / !o Show more options/settings.
!stats / !s List all connected players statistics.
!hud Enables/Disables HUD & onscreen information.
!km | !mi Changes to kilometres/miles display.
!warnings / !w Enables/Disables wrong side warnings.
!gold Enables/Disables gold search quest.
!coins Enables/Disables lost coins quest.
!cash Checks bank account.
!buy CARNAME Buys a car.
!sell CARNAME Sells a car at 70% of its buyprice.
!send AMOUNT USERNAME1 Transfer money to player.
!pay AMOUNT Pays a fine to city police.
!prices List all car prices.
!quests / !q List all quest info.
!fines / !f List police fines.
!pitlane Pitlanes a player for €600, repeat same command to cancel.
!pentalty / !pen Remove pit speeding penalty for €50.
!groups / !g List all groups online.
!reinit Only use when InSim freezes for everyone.
!version / !v Display CLIS version.

1 To display LFS username press Ctrl + Shift in connections list and rightclick to paste it in the messagebox.