Credits and thanks


Who are we?

  • MaxH Founder, Team leader, Website design & author
  • JasonJ Programmer, Lead tester, Layout designer
  • PassMe Layout designer
  • Timbe_ Forum admininstrator
  • Dean Server & Website provider
  • MilitantPotato Layout designer
  • 135i (former 330d) Programmer apprentice & skin maker

Gone but not forgotten...

  • MonkOnHotTinRoof Former programmer
  • RayFighter Former Project leader & Website Designer
  • SyntheticRacer Former website author, co-founder
  • Glanzagav
  • Razvan
  • Sicarius
  • Chris P Former PR Manager, Layout designer & Website author
  • Bobomoomin Tester
  • Adam W Website author

We would like to thank...

  • for sponsoring us with servers and support
  • LFS Dev team (Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey, Victor van Vlaardingen) for an awesome game
  • Smurfen, AnyBodyKilla, Skstibi, Walkingpie, mjh93sa for the various police skinpack and sirens
  • All our fans that stand by us in hard times. We do this in our free time for fun, and its all you that makes this fun!